Behold the Ceramic Genius of Bill Abright

Bill Abright will be featured at the Ceramics Annual of America 2012 among the large assemblage of ceramic artists. Abright began working with clay in the late 1960s and has gone on to teach and work with ceramics ever since. He has been influential in the lives of many artists and continues to inspire through his work, which is exhibited throughout the United States. He has described some of his own influence in saying, “Heironymous Bosch’s and Giuseppi Archemboldo’s bizarre paintings, Leonardo Da Vinci’s grotesque faces and the bold expressions of Francisco Goya make it clear to me that “Art” does not have to be tame stuff.” Indeed, Abright’s work is far from tame. His figures often explore form by blending the anatomies of humans, fish, insects, and birds. In doing so, he aims to emphasize the circle of life, evolution, and interdependency. One thing is certain, Bill Abright’s showing at Ceramics Annual should not be missed. 

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