Skuja Braden: A Ceramic Dream Team

Skuja Braden is the pseudonym for a team of two ceramic artists who will be showing at the Ceramics Annual of America 2012. Inguna Skuja, from Latvia, and Melissa Braden, from California, have been working together since 1999. Since that time, they have worked together on all of their pieces. They are both involved in every step of the process in their works, giving their art an incredibly unique character. The team explains their process in saying, “When people ask us who did what, we usually cannot easily say because the boundaries of our individual marks have become blurred by the time each piece is actually completed.” While many ceramic teams have specific roles in the creation process, these two generally work on two pieces simultaneously so that they can be a part of every step. Their different cultural backgrounds also add to the distinguished character of their art. This distinct style that they have developed together can be seen in exhibitions around the world and will be a fantastic addition to the Ceramics Annual of America.


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