The Many Benefits of Art

Art is more than something pretty to look at. In fact, it is used for therapy, it benefits the brain, and is important in child education. Here is a list of some of the many ways that art is beneficial:

1. Art has been scientifically proven to be an important part of aiding the brain in reaching its full potential. It does this by introducing the brain to cognitive skills that are important to problem solving.

2. Art also activates the creative and imaginative part of our brains. This allows people to develop the part of their mind that does not simply think logically and linearly. We are therefore able to think and problem solve in different ways, approaching issues from alternate angles. In short, art trains our brains to think outside the box.

3. Art Education for children has also been proven to be highly beneficial. Educating children with art helps them to learn to take responsibility for completing tasks from start to finish.

4. It also promotes learning for children, helping them with symbolic communication, relationship building, competence, and many other benefits.

5. Art therapy is an important method of rehabilitation for mental health issues. One way that art is beneficial in therapy is its ability to aid in self identification. Art allows people to identify and express problems from within.

6. Art therapy is also used for those who are in physical rehabilitation. Expressing ones self through art has been proven to relieve physical stress and painful symptoms, and is therefore being used in many hospitals.

7. Art can serve as an economic driver. Arts and culture are one of the cornerstones of tourism in America. This makes art an invaluable economic resource.

8. Cities and towns with strong artistic presence have been shown to give communities a stronger sense of place and identity.


By Pancho Jimenez who will be featured at Ceramics Annual of America 2012


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